Mountains of the Moon (1990)
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Mountains of the Moon 1990

Mountains of the Moon: The story of Captain Richard Francis Burtons and Lt. John Hanning Spekes expedition to find the source of the Nile river in the name of Queen Victorias British Empire. The film tells the story of their meeting, their friendship emerging amidst hardship, and then dissolving after their journey.

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1850s Africa Archery Bare Breasts Based On Novel Based On True Story Battle Bearer Beetle Betrayal Boat Book Botanic Garden Bow And Arrow Brandy Brazil British British Army British Flag Brother Sister Relationship Bug Cairo Egypt Camel Campfire Candlelight Cannabis Captain Captive Captivity Caravan Castration Cellulitis Chase Chief Chieftain Christian Christian Missionary Chronometer Cigar Smoking Clock Consulate Crimea Croquet Cruelty Crutch Dancing Dangerous Mission Deaf In One Ear Deafness Death Deathmask Debate Desert Dilletante Dinner Discovery Doctor Drink Drinking Drought Drug Use Drugged Dying Dysentery Eagle East African Coast Epic Expedition Exploration Explorer Famine Father Daughter Relationship Female Circumcision Female Nudity Fire Flute Friend Friendship Geographer Geography God Save The Queen Goodbye Gun Gunfire Hearing Aid Horse And Carriage Horse Riding Hunting Hunting Accident Hypnotism Illness Independent Film Indian Army John Hanning Speke Journey Jungle King Lake Lake Tanganyika Lake Victoria Lawn Party Leg Leg Cut Letter Lieutenant Lion Locket London England Lord Love Loyalty Magnifying Glass Malaria Male Female Relationship Map Marijuana Marriage Medicine Missionary Monsoon Moon Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Mountain Murder Native African Nile River Nudity Nurse Obsession Partridge Party Period Piece Pistol Poisoned Water Porter Portuguese Prayer Prisoner Queen Victoria Quest Raid Rain Reference To David Livingstone Reference To Florence Nightingale Reference To The Perfumed Garden Religion Richard Francis Burton Rifle Ritual River Robbery Rowboat Royal Geographical Society Sadism Sadist Safari Sailing Ship Scar Sculptor Servant Shooting Lion Singing Slave Sneeze Somali Song Spear Speared In Back Spitting Stabbed In The Leg Stone Suicide Suicide By Gunshot Survival Swahili Sword Sword Through Neck Telescope Tent Theatre Audience Theatre Production Theft Thermometer Thief Tied To Stake Toast Torture Tribe Tribesman Umbrella Vagabond Valley Viciousness Victorian Era Village Violence Voice Over Narration Vulture Water Whistling Sound Whore Wilderness Wine Wound Yoked Slave

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